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So here’s the dream about Freemasonry in general. I first saw what looked like a body and I knew it represented freemasonry. This body was somewhat distorted, there were things that looked wrong with it. Then a hand from heaven came down and I heard a voice from heaven saying that many Christians have misunderstood and slandered freemasonry and then the hand from heaven began to remove the false accusations from that body. The body was then transformed into a more glorious body. So the hand of God removed the false accusations that came from people misunderstanding the symbols that are used in Freemasonry. The reason why the body was distorted at first was because of the misunderstood and false accusations that are against Freemasonry this appeared as black stains on the body which were then removed by the hand of God.

This is just another one of those dreams where the Holy Spirit is showing how people tend to speak badly of things that they do not understand. I think this is because religion tends to attack anything that it thinks is going to compete with it. That’s why denominations attack one another, religions attack one another and so on. I believe that this dream shows that the Freemasons have been wrongly accused and misunderstood like so many other traditions. One thing I’m wondering about this dream is this. Is God showing me all this or is this a prophetic word about His plans concerning Freemasonry? Does this mean that God has an important mission or plan for them?

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