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Lately I have been remembering a dream I had years ago at least a couple years before the correction of 2008. I was in a car and being driven by an invisible driver, I don’t know if the driver was an angel or the Holy Spirit. The car drove up to a house or building that was falling apart, I just knew that it was the stock market and that it was the stock market and the year 2013.  I hope I’m remembering this right it was years ago and am just going by memory. I know that we are rallying now in the markets and I believe we will continue to rally but In spite of that I believe I’ve been warned repeatedly that there are deeper bottoms to come. This could be a great buying opportunity for those investing but on the other hand if the economy gets that bad then unemployment and foreclosures will probably be worse than they are now. I’m also wondering if this means that we will peak out in 2012 but that’s another prayer and meditation in progress.

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